Reaction time is essential to save lives when dealing with an intruder alert. Managing and mustering students effectively and efficiently is crucial to save lives and prevent liability.

Mass notification is the fastest way to alert people on and off campus of an emergency situation. Now a simple push of a panic button can activate a flashing LED, strobe lights, group text messages, automated lockdown procedures, and much more.

C•CURE 9000 from Tyco Security Products integrates with the Lynx system, a solution from Micro Technology Services, Inc., providing a cost-effective way to initiate emergency notifications campus wide. This solution is ideal for K-12 school campuses, universities, and other heavily-populated, dispersed organizations looking to protect students, patients, visitors, and employees.

The Lynx system is a turnkey solution that links dozens of alarm devices such as panic buttons, police call systems, remote alarm fobs, etc. to a variety of audible or visual warning outputs.

Panic buttons can be easily installed in large facilities or those with multiple locations on the same network. The system can also automatically send a pop-up message and alert to up to 10,000 PCs, providing more immediate visibility than a text message or email that may go unnoticed.

Desktop icons provide another intuitive method for deploying alarms to PCs and Macs on your network. Simply create the desktop icon from the LynxGuide server web interface. This is an easy way to create an unlimited number of icons without needing to install any additional software.

For additional details on how the C•Cure 9000 Security Integration System can help your school system save lives and reduce liability, contact your Cam-Dex Security Systems representative for a FREE Security System Analysis.