Order GSA Schedule 84 Components from Cam-Dex Security Corp. with Contract #GS-07F-0489V !

The federal government is the nation’s single largest customer of law enforcement and security products and services. In 2009, Cam-Dex Corporation was awarded a GSA Schedule 84 contract by the US General Services Administration to directly sell custom integrated solutions for law enforcement, security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing, marine craft, and emergency/disaster to US government agencies.

The contract (#GS-07F-0489V) allows federal agencies a fast, easy way to purchase a range of listed security system integration, design services, security management, and support services from Cam-Dex at competitive, pre-negotiated prices. The prices are also available to state, county, and municipal government agencies.

This has saved agencies – and taxpayers – the cost of having to complete a lengthy competitive bid process.

For more information on how to use this contract vehicle, contact Cam-Dex at 913-621-6160, or direct email inquiries to govsales@cam-dex.com.

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DUNS Number:    052297330
Tax ID:    43-090500
NAICS:    561621
Primary CAGE:    1GTV1
SIN Numbers:     246-35-1, 246-35-5, 246-42-1, 246-52, 246-60-1, 246-60-2, 246-60-3, 246-60-4, 246-61, 246-1000

CSEIP Certified – Cam-Dex Security Corporation
CSEIP Certified – Cam-Dex Security Corporation

CSEIP Certified

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