Cam-Dex Security Corporation designs Intrusion Detection Systems to protect property and mitigate risk.

Intrusion Detection Systems sense a number of events that indicate unauthorized entry into a facility during times when no one should be present.

Interior & Exterior Sensors

In today’s facilities, it is typical to include both Interior & Exterior Sensors, such as door/window position sensors, motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, and panic buttons to detect intruders.

Sensors monitor doors, areas within a building or space, movement of the earth, and even room/space temperature. System software also allows remote management of sensors from mobile devices.

Perimeter / Fence Protection

Cam-Dex offers Perimeter/Fence Protection Systems that are used in large-scale fenced-in areas at airports, military installations, and prisons to monitor movement of a fence or a break in a barrier using either hardwired or microwave technology to trip an alarm when a barrier is broken.

Cam-Dex custom designs both hardwired and microwave systems, as well as system combinations.

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