Cam-Dex Security Corporation offers 24-hour Support & Preventive Maintenance Services with various levels of coverage.

It’s important to maintain the quality of the security system in which your organization has made a substantial investment to realize the best and longest performance possible. Periodic equipment maintenance and software/technology upgrades will keep your system in top-notch condition. That’s why Cam-Dex Security Corporation offers the following comprehensive Support & Preventive Maintenance options to our clients.

  • Warranty options with any new system that is installed
  • Maintenance contracts in three (3) customizable Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels to provide additional warranties and system coverage
  • Software support and diagnostics
  • Loss prevention programs
  • Quick response times

In addition to servicing systems and equipment that we have designed and installed, Cam-Dex certified technicians can also service systems that we did not originally design or install.

Contact Us today to speak to one of our integrated security professionals about your specific system security Support & Preventive Maintenance needs!