Cam-Dex Security Corporation plans, designs, installs, commissions, and monitors custom integrated security systems for our clients, exclusively using cutting-edge security products from these trusted hardware and software partners. Our technicians are certified to use, design, install, and service each of our partners’ products.

Access Control

Assa Abloy Access Control systems enable administrators to control access to secure areas through physical, logical, electronic, offline, online and wireless solutions. Through Assa Abloy’s technologies – which have been developed for standalone systems as well as open standard products that integrate with existing access control systems – access can be controlled for any facility, even from a remote location, increasing security and convenience.

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Feenics Access Control software products allow users to monitor their favorite doors, keep tabs on cardholders, issue door commands, enroll new people, modify access levels, manage card assignments, check up on their hardware, and much more from either desktop or mobile device for the ultimate in ease, security, and flexibility.

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HID Global is a trusted leader in products, services, and solutions related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities for millions of customers worldwide. HID Global is the supplier of choice for OEMs, integrators, and developers serving a variety of markets that include physical access control; IT security, including strong authentication/credential management; card personalization; visitor management; government ID; and identification technologies for a range of applications. HID Global is an Assa Abloy Group brand.

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Nedap Identification Systems is the leading specialist in systems for long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection, and city access control. Its readers, sensors, and controllers optimize, monitor, and control the movement of vehicles and people safely, securely, and efficiently. Its technology can easily be applied to security, traffic, and parking applications.

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RS2 Technologies is an independently owned access management company founded on the four cornerstones of innovation, flexibility, reliability, and powerful, friendly software. Its hardware not only undergoes rigorous bench and field tests, but have been proven through years of service in a variety of demanding environments. Its software, based on proven Microsoft® core technology, undergoes multi-level, multi-platform testing, as well as extensive beta testing. RS2 partners with a number of the leading manufacturers of DVRs, NVRs, IP Video, and intercom systems, wireless/IP locks, and intrusion detection panels, as well as with companies offering employee and visitor management systems and other access control products that can add value to its systems.

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Salto offers a world-class access control system that is simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all access needs and secure all doors without complex and expensive wiring. Simple to install and set up, cost-effective, reliable, complete, and future-proof, its pioneering SVN platform is the first stand-alone, battery-powered electronic lock system for access control.

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Software House provides complete, real-time control over  security systems, whether large or small. Its scalable security management platform allows users to meet security needs from entry to enterprise level. Installations range from simple door controls to enterprise integrations with thousands of doors spanning many geographical areas around the world.

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Louroe Electronics™ is the world leader in the audio security industry, providing first-class audio monitoring and safety solutions that assist in protecting people and property. The company is committed to raising awareness of the importance of audio in the security industry. Product durability, customer satisfaction, and 35 years of audio expertise comprise Louroe’s core strengths. Another fact that distinguishes Louroe from other companies in the industry is that all products are “made in the USA” and have been manufactured in Van Nuys, California since the company’s inception in 1979. Louroe’s signature product lines are the Verifact and ASK4 kits, a series of pre-amplified microphones, complementing base stations, and communication accessories that provide audio output to interface with other security devices. The microphones are easy to install and are compatible with recorders, cameras, and IP video systems.

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Emergency Lockdown

BEST® Access® is known for its American craftsmanship and proven performance. BEST solutions and components form the pinnacle of today’s toughest mechanical security solutions. Whether it’s a mechanical lock or an electronic monitoring system, BEST products promise durability and performance in a wide variety of applications. With unparalleled commitment to quality and engineering, BEST has crafted some of the most versatile, high-quality access solutions available today. With industry-leading interchangeable cores and master key systems, BEST is a top choice among distributors and customers worldwide.

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Emergency Notification

Metis Secure is a desktop alert brand that develops advanced emergency communications and notification systems that help organizations respond to emergencies rapidly and effectively. Its products include control and integration software, notification and communication hardware, and redundant networks, including independent wireless mesh. Organizations use Metis Secure systems to broadcast targeted, actionable emergency alerts and instructions to everyone at the site of an emergency, in seconds – even if power, cell networks, and internet are down.

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Talkaphone is the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of both area of rescue and area of refuge security and life safety communication products and solutions for customers all over the world. Talk-A-Phone’s High Power Speaker Arrays, LED Signage, VoIP products, and a wide range of integration options make WEBS® indispensable in any crisis situation.

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Entrance Controls

Boon Edam United States offers proven and reliable engineering quality of standardized entry products that are uniquely suited to specific customer requirements, resulting in positive user experience.

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DSI (Designed Security Inc) has building security options designed to address a wide variety of needs, including optical and full height mechanical turnstiles, tailgate detection, and mantrap systems. DSI door management products include alarms, pushbuttons, key switches, annunciators, and accessories. DSI solutions are customizable and can be integrated to enhance any major access control system or used as stand-alone solutions for specific entry control or single-door security requirements.

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Intrusion Detection

Bosch intrusion detectors provide best-in-class false alarm immunity and catch performance while minimizing installation time and complexity. Millions of commercial users rely on Bosch for superior intrusion detection. The detectors automatically adjust to their environment by compensating for temperature fluctuations to guarantee optimal performance regardless of changes in room conditions. For more challenging applications, models with sensor data fusion technology employ a sophisticated software algorithm to analyze signals from multiple sensors, including microwave, temperature, and white light levels, to make the most intelligent alarm decisions in the security industry.

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DSC (Digital Security Controls) puts forth an unbeatable combination of leading-edge technology and industry experience in intrusion detection equipment. The results are reliable, flexible, and durable security solutions of the highest quality that are easy to install, easy to use, and are easily upgradeable.

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Honeywell helps manage risk related to unauthorized entry with its advanced GSM alarm communications services, including door position sensors, glass break detectors, motion detectors, and panic buttons.

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Ligature Resistance

The Door Switch is a trademarked product that helps reduce the risk of inpatient behavioral healthcare suicide by modifying the patient’s environment, specifically by modifying the patient’s room door and bathroom door to include and sound an alarm to alert healthcare personnel immediately to respond to an impending suicide attempt.

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Video Surveillance

American Dynamics products are the world’s most widely adopted line of video-based security and integration solutions. Its technology is developed with security professionals in mind. Its award-winning Intellex revolutionized digital video recording, and Intellex IP adapts this leading-edge technology for network video. Its programmable dome cameras are sophisticated in design, seamlessly integrate with other products, and are easy to install.

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Arecont Vision is the leading manufacturer of network cameras and megapixel surveillance cameras, offering a large selection of megapixel IP cameras, including H.264 and JPEG 1.2, 1.3, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 20, and 40 megapixel models available in its MegaVideo® Compact, MegaVideo®, MegaDome®, MegaView®, and SurroundVideo® lines.

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Axis Communications has been a pioneering leader in the advent of network video products, moving away from analog camera systems, and showing how IP solutions stretch far beyond security applications.

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Bosch Security video surveillance camera systems offer IP, 4k HD, ultra low light sharpness, and the ultimate in video data management for businesses and organizations both large and small.

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Exacq Technologies is a leading manufacturer of video management system (VMS) software and servers used for video surveillance. Known for its ease of use, the exacqVision cross-platform VMS software is widely used across many applications. It is readily available on factory installed exacqVision hybrid and IP camera servers or on commercial off-the-shelf servers. Exacq Technologies is part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, the world’s largest pure-play fire protection and security company.

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FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance situational awareness across many disciplines. It brings innovative sensing solutions through its thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems. Its products improve the way people interact with the world around them, enhance public safety and well-being, increase energy efficiency, and enable healthy and entertained communities.

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Illustra develops some of the industry’s most technologically advanced IP cameras. Illustra IP cameras not only benefit seasoned security professionals actively tracking high-risk environments, but they also ease amateurs into the world of surveillance. Used with a vast number of ONVIF-compliant video and access control management systems in the industry, Illustra is part of an end-to-end security and surveillance solution that not only keeps safe what a business values, but can enable businesses to operate effectively.

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X-Ray & Metal Detection

AutoClear direct transmission x-ray inspection systems are user friendly and feature rich with a range of tunnel sizes, conveyor speeds, capacities, and footprints. Its x-ray scanners are reliable, accurate, and easy to operate – and deliver consistent performance. AutoClear exclusive image enhancement tools give operators the ideal amount of information needed to make clear and timely decisions.

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Garrett Metal Detectors™ is the global leader of walk-through, hand-held, and ground search metal detection products and training for security and law enforcement applications. From the Olympic games to USA and international airports, Garrett® has the proven knowledge, experience, and reliable products to meet any business security needs. From world-renowned hand-held scanners to its advanced walk-through detectors, Garrett has engineered a superior line of metal detectors that provide practical solutions for security checkpoint installations.

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