Emergency Notification for Organizations with Multiple Locations

The Centurion® Emergency Response System by Response Technologies can easily, quickly and efficiently provide an entire school district with the ability to communicate to a designated group – including first responders – in real-time in an emergency situation.

The Centurion® Elite® uses wireless duress buttons to provide an easy to install and expand panic button solution. When one of a variety of buttons are pressed, a location-specific notification identifying the incident location can be sent out almost instantly to one or all output options, including two-way law enforcement radios, phone, email, or text.

The Centurion® Gateway works with the award-winning Centurion Elite® to offer protection at more than one site. When connected to a security network, Centurion® Gateway acts as a router, receiving any alarm or notification and forwarding it across the LAN to the Centurion Elite®. The Elite system then notifies first responders or initiates the proper response.

The Centurion® Gateway represents yet another opportunity to improve safety for people who serve in educational facilities, courthouses, government buildings, and healthcare facilities that are spread across distances.

Organizations can now use the Centurion® Gateway with a single Centurion® Elite to protect both people and assets at multiple locations. Centurion® Gateway has no restrictions on the number of locations or the distance of the location from the Centurion® Elite.

The Centurion® Gateway wireless sensors activate remotely with the same notification speeds as on-site alarms. Unique notifications are instantly transmitted from any location to existing radios, phones, email, or text messages in seconds. The Centurion® Gateway works with a facility’s already established IT infrastructure to relay wireless alarms to the Centurion® Elite®.

Single user interface allows simple management of multiple sites. Adding the Centurion® Gateway to an existing Elite system expands the capabilities and provides a more economical solution for monitoring outlying facilities without concern about geographical boundaries, translating into more security, additional flexibility, and better value.

Centurion products integrate and expand seamlessly with existing facility systems, and interface directly with law enforcement and other first-responders in real-time during an emergency situation – providing location-specific details to save time and lives.

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