Seconds matter in an emergency response – and especially in an intruder event – where protecting the lives of every individual is paramount.

That’s why Cam-Dex Security Corp. now includes the new Gunshot Detection Sensor by Response Technologies when designing and installing integrated security systems for educational, healthcare, government, industrial, and commercial facilities.

The Gunshot Detection Sensor provides any security system with the capability of instantly identifying both when and precisely where a gunshot occurs within a facility, providing notification within seconds to help quickly end an intruder situation.

This new Gunshot Detection Sensor works with Response Technologies’ market-leading Centurion Elite® platform, which allows notifications to be sent via two-way radio, email, text, phone, or PCAlert® computer software. The Gunshot Detection Sensor, powered by Shot Tracer® technology, uses patented two-factor authentication to ensure that only true emergency events are reported to responders.

Backup battery capability, along with transmitting alarms over a standalone 900Mhz wireless network, makes the Gunshot Detection Sensor one of the only self-contained gunshot detection solutions on the market. This allows the system to continue to protect throughout the network and power outages.

The reliable tools this layered system of protection incorporates help prevent emergency situations or threats from escalating.

Cam-Dex Security Corp. is pleased to partner with Response Technologies, the company known for delivering the fastest Direct-to-Responder (D2R®) emergency notification system on the market, in offering this game-changing technology to schools.

For complete information regarding how Cam-Dex Security Corp. can incorporate the Gunshot Detection Sensor into your security system, call us at 800-873-8833 and speak to one of our experienced security professionals!