Video surveillance systems in Kansas City are put in place to deter potential criminals from engaging in illegal activity. One particular area where surveillance video is most essential is the financial industry.

Unfortunately, financial institutions are often the target of theft and unlawful activity. That’s why they need the most technologically advanced business security systems in Kansas City, which includes premium video surveillance. Using premium analytics software, modern video surveillance systems can give banks and other financial institutions the resources needed to be safe and prevent fraud.

In order to do create a high-end video surveillance system, there are multiple technologies that need to work together. These include:

  • Scalable Storage
  • Network Upgrades
  • Connected Video Cameras and Equipment

Scalable Storage

A premium surveillance system demands scalable storage to ensure that as much highly detailed footage as possible can be saved. Many companies opt to squeeze as much out of their storage as possible by decreasing the frame rates of their surveillance footage.

Although lower frame rates can help free up some storage, it can decrease the quality of the footage significantly. Surveillance video without the maximum frame rate can be blurry or choppy, making it harder to view any criminal acts that took place.

Many video surveillance systems involve flash storage or cloud-based storage options to provide quick access to surveillance footage. Both are great options that can provide massive amounts of storage for video surveillance systems in Kansas City.

Video Surveillance Systems In Kansas City

Network Upgrades

Earlier, we talked about lowering frame rates to create extra storage room, but it causes the video quality to suffer. Updating networks can also improve video quality, especially if the network is responsible for multiple cameras at different financial institutions.

Some banks are now using the same cabling used to power their network connection to run their IP cameras as well. This can save money on installation costs for not just banks but any industry that chooses to implement this strategy. It could be used for schools, government buildings, or commercial security systems in Kansas City.

Connected Video Cameras and Equipment

IP-based cameras are used today for indoor and outdoor use, as well as areas that have low lighting. With the ability to capture high-megapixel images in HD video, IP cameras are becoming more and more essential for financial institutions and business security systems in Kansas City. These sophisticated cameras can also detect motion, noise, and can be notified when an alarm goes off.

When you have the right video cameras and equipment, the amount of technology at your disposal is quite impressive. Banks, financial institutions, and many other businesses have all seen the benefits of using high-quality IP-based cameras. These highly sophisticated cameras are a crucial component of commercial video surveillance in Kansas City.

Video Surveillance Systems In Kansas City

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