There is an increase in violence happening in our country. It happens on university campuses; it happens in elementary schools, middle schools, churches, and most recently in happened right here at Olathe East high school. What is the first thing everyone wants to see? The video.

Kansas City school video surveillance can provide a variety of benefits to security when tragedy strikes. Surveillance provides the following benefits to school districts and SRO officers on campuses:

• Backs up police efforts in times of emergency
• Deters students and faculty from breaking the law
• Provides video documentation and protection for both teachers and students in the event of legal action regarding accused violence, discrimination, or harassment
• Provides peace of mind for parents
• Implements trust and fast action between staff and law enforcement

Implementing a K-12 school security system in Kansas City is becoming a necessary step for increasing school safety nationwide but doing so can be challenging for some districts and universities. That is why when an emergency unfolds like the one at Olathe East, our customized Cam-Dex Kansas City K-12 security systems play a critical role in your safety.

Keeping Our Kids Safe

School shootings have made a lot of Kansas City parents fearful. Parents have higher anxiety than their children do, however, children will pick up on their parents’ worry. Watching the news does not help, but school video surveillance in Kansas City could help give you peace of mind. At least you will know there are always eyes on your children’s safety and well-being. Community members are also concerned that “intruder drills” are traumatizing to their young students.

K-12 School Security Systems in Kansas City

School shootings do not happen very often but when they do it is essential to use commercial security systems in Kansas City. Cam-Dex has been in the business for over 60 years and will provide the best possible solutions to keep all students safe.

If you feel that your student or you as a parent are more anxious than you should be, a good first step is to take a break from any social media that could be giving you false facts and increases your worry needlessly. It is important to remember that even though sometimes bad things happen close to home, as Mr. Rogers famously said, “look for the helpers”.

Being Proactive With Kansas City K-12 School Security Systems

Choosing the right Kansas City school video surveillance plus adding technology is one of the fastest ways to proactively monitor, inspect, and avert incidents on school grounds. Yet budget restrictions and worries over interrupted learning frequently stop this progress. However, if schools make smart investments in school video surveillance in Kansas City now, that means administrators won’t need to update their systems again in a few years.

K-12 School Security Systems in Kansas City

If you are looking to upgrade your school or commercial video surveillance in Kansas City, Cam-Dex is here to help. We will provide the best video surveillance options to fit your needs.

Give us a call today at (913) 621-6160 or contact us online to find out more about the security products and services we offer.