Top priority for schools K-12 is the safety of every student, teacher, staff member, volunteer, and visitor each moment they are on their campuses and in their buildings. Whether a school district or building is large or small, the key to improving security in schools is planning.

In 2016, the US government reported that most states throughout the nation require Emergency Operations Plans and Exercises, and provide training or other support. The government also reported that most school districts update and practice Emergency Operations Plans with first responders, but struggled to balance emergency planning with other school priorities.

Making your district’s schools safer requires a district-wide Safety and Security Plan that includes a multi-faceted approach. Your protocol should include these broad prevention and response goals:

  • Enhance site access control
  • Promote communication of suspicious behaviors
  • React within seconds
  • Secure the site(s) involved
  • Reunite family members

Safety training and exercises for students, staff, administrators, and volunteers should be built into your district’s monthly schedule, with desired responses clearly demonstrated.

Your school safety and security plan should then be reviewed at least once a year. Additionally, the plan should be reviewed and updated anytime weaknesses in the plan are identified during a drill, exercise, or an actual emergency event.

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