If you work in a retail store or own one, you know that you need to have some type of commercial security system in Kansas City. Without the proper security, your store will be at risk for a wide variety of issues.

There are different levels of security systems that are available today that include a wide array of features. So how do you know what you need for your retail business to remain successful? In this article, we will discuss some of the most common types of security devices and features used at many retailers today. Implementing some or all of these options can create an effective business security system in Kansas City.

Security Tagging High-Ticket Items and Items That Can Be Concealed Easily

Have you ever gotten home with an item from a retail store where the cashier forgot to remove the security tag? They are almost impossible to remove without the right tools. Although this can be a nuisance to take care of, many retail stores use security tags as part of their commercial security systems in Kansas City.

Commercial Security System in Kansas City

Sensor tags or security tags are designed to trigger an alarm when someone attempts to leave the store with merchandise that hasn’t been paid for. Many retail stores use security tags to help prevent theft, especially for smaller, expensive items. Some prime examples would be electronics like headphones, phones, computer accessories, and video games. Security tags play an important role as part of a retail store’s business security system in Kansas City.

Commercial Video Surveillance in Kansas City

A high-quality video surveillance system is a necessity for nearly any business, but especially for retail stores. Unfortunately, retail stores are a common target for illegal activity – shoplifting in particular. If you suspect someone is shoplifting, there are some common indicators too look for. But truly, the only way to spot a shoplifter is to catch them in the act, and many times that is by using video surveillance systems in Kansas City.

In order for a video surveillance system to be effective, there needs to be camera feeds coming from multiple different angles in the store. That significantly increases the chances of catching someone while shoplifting. Many times, potential shoplifters will decide not to steal an item if they feel like they are being watched. Make sure your store has signage and cameras in different areas that warn potential shoplifters that they are being watched and will be prosecuted if caught stealing inside the premises.

Commercial Security System in Kansas CityIf your retail store could use some expertise in the security department, but you’re not sure where to turn to, contact the security experts at Cam-Dex. Our professionals will implement a customized security plan to fit the needs of your store.


Whether it’s security tags, surveillance video, or a wide variety of other security products, we will work closely with you to make sure you have the proper security measures in place. We also specialize in school security systems, government security systems, healthcare security systems, and contactless access control systems in Kansas City.

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