With over 50 years of experience, Cam-Dex security speaks for itself. If you are considering installing a commercial video surveillance system in Kansas City, look no further. More and more businesses are looking to implement more robust security systems. There are both internal and external threats including theft and vandalism. Is your business prepared?

67% of security incidents can be avoided by installing commercial video surveillance in Kansas City. If you haven’t thought about your business’s need for surveillance, it may be time to investigate installing one to prevent and deter incidents. Here are the top reasons millions install commercial security systems in Kansas City.

Deter theft and vandalism – when customers and vandals see cameras, they are much less likely to commit crimes. It’s just a fact. Kansas City government security systems and commercial systems have 24-hour support and coverage. If there is an incident, Cam-Dex will know about it.

Reduce liability and disputes – Any time you have a video, it is evidence of a dispute. Incidents like burglary or assault that occur on the premises are easier to fight with video surveillance of the incident.

Reduce stress Commercial video surveillance in Kansas City takes the worry out of a business owner’s day, because someone always monitors your establishment.

Protect valuable assets – Having video surveillance on your high-risk areas is crucial for insurance. If you have video of your assets, they are being monitored by Cam-Dex with 24-hour video surveillance.

Make sure customers and guests are safe – If you are a business owner, you are responsible for your customer’s safety. If you have Cam-Dex cameras on the premises, it puts everyone’s mind at ease.

Monitor activity – Whether you are using government security systems in Kansas City or a commercial one to monitor your place of business, you can also keep an eye on data theft and fraud from employees. 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employers. Security cameras can deter employees from engaging in this behavior.

Improve employee productivity – Productivity fades when employees know a manager or supervisor is not monitoring them. You will see higher productivity with the installation of cameras.

Save money on security costs – Security guards cost more than cameras. Commercial security systems in Kansas City are more cost-effective.

Increase profits – Installing Cam-Dex video surveillance not only reduces theft by 22%, according to Bloomberg but it also increases profits by 7%. How can you go wrong?


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