Common Components of Contactless Access Control Systems in Kansas City

2021-09-29T14:16:23-05:00October 15th, 2021|

When the coronavirus first made its impact in the spring of 2020, one of the first things many businesses tried to do was find ways to conduct their operations without close contact. This has now spilled over to many other industries, including government and commercial security systems in Kansas City. In the last 18 months, [...]

The Key Pieces to Advanced Video Surveillance Systems in Kansas City for Financial Institutions

2021-09-29T14:16:14-05:00October 1st, 2021|

Video surveillance systems in Kansas City are put in place to deter potential criminals from engaging in illegal activity. One particular area where surveillance video is most essential is the financial industry. Unfortunately, financial institutions are often the target of theft and unlawful activity. That’s why they need the most technologically advanced business security systems [...]

What Organizations are Cam-Dex Security Systems Designed For?

2021-08-30T08:54:57-05:00September 15th, 2021|

We all should feel safe, whether we’re at home, work, school, or anywhere else in between. That’s the biggest reason why we have security systems; they are designed to keep us all protected. Some of the most significant advancements we have today are the evolution of security systems in Kansas City and around the world. [...]

What Should School Video Surveillance Systems in Kansas City Include

2021-08-30T08:54:46-05:00September 1st, 2021|

As one of the leading installers of school video surveillance in Kansas City, Cam-Dex knows just how crucial it is to have a video system that can provide accurate and clear images for all parts of the school. In fact, surveillance video is one of the most vital pieces of K-12 school security systems in [...]

Facilities that Use Government Security Systems

2021-07-30T16:40:55-05:00August 15th, 2021|

It is critical to keep any property or building secure at all times, especially after regular business hours. This is even more true when it comes to government property. Whether it’s a government building or government-owned land, it is absolutely essential to have high-quality government security systems in Kansas City or any other major city. [...]

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