A Leader in Kansas City Contact and Contactless Access Control Systems Discusses Going Contactless in 2022 and Beyond: In a world where technology is constantly changing, it is critical to stay up to date with the latest advancements. This is especially true with security systems, contact access control systems, and contactless access control systems. In fact, many companies are now moving away from contact access and making the change to contactless access control systems in Kansas City.

As a company that is at the forefront of Kansas City contact and contactless access control systems, Cam-Dex is here to explain the benefits of switching to contactless access. Trust us, the reasons to switch are far more important than “it’s cool to be able to open a door without touching anything.” There are many more advantages to using contactless control, which we’ll list in this particular blog.

Contactless Access Control Systems in Kansas City Allow for Remote Management

In the past, many businesses and organizations had just one person who was assigned to track access to different points of a building or facility. Those days are now gone for organizations that have completely switched to contactless access control systems. Contactless systems are the more modern and advanced way to conduct business. With a contactless system, you can gain access to remote management using a single dashboard that does not require heavy systems usage.

Kansas City Contact and Contactless Access Control Systems

Contactless Systems Allow for Visitor Tracking and Access

As an industry leader for Kansas City contact and contactless access control systems, our team at Cam-Dex knows that contactless access comes with visitor management systems. This keeps records of visitors, then creates and sends regular reports to the proper personnel. Also, creating cards or ID badges is becoming less popular with contactless access. These systems allow OTP-based (“One Time Password”) access for quick and safe entry for visitors.

Body Temperature Scanning to Prevent the Spread of Illness

After experiencing a global pandemic in 2020, many businesses and organizations started looking for ways to ensure that people were healthy when entering the premises. Contactless access control was one popular method used by many organizations. Through advanced contactless access control systems in Kansas City, individuals had their body temperatures scanned to ensure they are not showing signs of illness.

Businesses can be alerted if a person’s hygiene or temperature level does not meet the proper standards. Contactless access control is just another proactive measure to help keep everyone inside your facility safe. If you are interested in body temperature scanning at your facility’s main entry points, contact Cam-Dex, a leader in Kansas City contact and contactless access control systems.

Kansas City Contact and Contactless Access Control Systems

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