A Cannabis Security Company in Kansas City Explains the Importance of Security Vaults – If you own or work at a cannabis dispensary, you know how important it is to have a reliable cannabis security company in Kansas City on your side. The cannabis industry is booming now more than ever. That’s great for business, but it also means dispensaries are now targets for criminal activity.

One of the most important components of business security systems in Kansas City is the vault. This is especially true in the cannabis industry. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the importance of vaults for any cannabis-based business.

Vaults – Highly Recommended by Our Cannabis Security Company in Kansas City

A vault is widely considered the safest place in any business that handles large amounts of money or valuable inventory. As a leading cannabis security company in Kansas City, our team at Cam-Dex knows that vaults are massive in size, immovable, and nearly impenetrable. Vaults not only protect cash and inventory from being stolen, but they also protect against bullets, fire, natural disasters, and numerous other risks.

In extreme circumstances, employees and customers can even take shelter inside a vault to protect themselves from danger. In the event of a tornado or an earthquake, the vault is often the safest place to take shelter until the situation subsides.

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What is a Standard Size of a Vault for a Cannabis Security Company in Kansas City?

There isn’t really a “standard” sized vault for business security systems in Kansas City. The business owner should work with their security company ahead of time to ensure the vault fits the needs of their cannabis business. Smaller businesses with limited space will benefit from a vault that is “space-friendly.” While larger stores should fully invest in the most advanced security features, like a large vault, to protect their business.

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a vault is the wall thickness. If your cannabis store has up to $3 million in inventory and assets, you should invest in a vault with a minimum of 4” of wall thickness. Our cannabis security company in Kansas City says if you have $6 million of inventory/assets, 6” is the recommended wall thickness. Finally, for $12 Million of inventory and assets, we recommend at least 10” of wall thickness for your vault. The thicker the wall, the better the chances of withstanding fire, natural disasters, or attacks from the outside.


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At Cam-Dex, we provide customized security solutions to fit your needs. We specialize in everything from commercial security systems in Kansas City to video surveillance systems in Kansas City. We have also expanded into the world of medical marijuana security systems in Kansas City, and we are now widely considered a leading cannabis security company.

If you are looking to add an extra layer of security or upgrade a security system in your facility, call us today at 913-621-6160 or contact us online for more information. We look forward to assisting with all your security needs.