Active Shooter & Aggression threats can be monitored using sophisticated audio analytics programs integrated with video surveillance cameras.

Audio analytics technology can be used in numerous areas for loss prevention, crime deterrence, alarm verification, employee training, classrooms, and visitor management and is used in many industries, including law enforcement, security, education, hospitality, gaming, retail, medical therapy, QSR/C-store, banking, and transportation.

Analytic software analyzes audio through advanced algorithms. It focuses on identifying spikes in verbal aggression such as shouting, stressed voices, and other verbal cues that indicate anger and/or fear. Once a noise that matches the sound pattern for aggression is identified, the detector immediately sends an alert, either with a visual notification or by triggering an alarm.

Cam-Dex Security Corporation can design and install a video surveillance system for your organization that fully integrates with sophisticated audio aggression detector analytics.

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Active Shooter & Aggression
Active Shooter & Aggression